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Life After Death? --Physicists Says "It's Quantum Information that Transcends from One World to Another"

While scientists are still in heated debates about what exactly consciousness is, the University of Arizona’s Stuart Hameroff and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose conclude that it is information stored at a quantum level. Penrose agrees --he and his team have found evidence that "protein-based microtubules—a structural component of human cells—carry quantum information— information stored at a sub-atomic level.”

Penrose argues that if a person temporarily dies, this quantum information is released from the microtubules and into the universe. However, if they are resuscitated the quantum information is channeled back into the microtubules and that is what sparks a near death experience. “If they’re not revived, and the patient dies, it’s possible that this quantum information can exist outside the body, perhaps indefinitely, as a soul.

Researchers from the renowned Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich are in agreement with Penrose that the physical universe that we live in is only our perception and once our physical bodies die, there is an infinite beyond. Some believe that consciousness travels to parallel universes after death. 

You can read the complete article here.


  1. Gurus of ancient times had to invent a language to allow their less-psychically gifted followers to comprehend what the guru had learnt psychically. Today researchers have had to invent a language to enable lay folks to comprehend what the researchers have learnt aided by modern technology.
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  2. Taken back to which came first....... the energy.... or.... consciousness. Consciousness a by product of energy projection onto the brains synapses .. Or Consciousness molding the energy to form...


  3. I believe God's theory of creation "which says God is a Spirit, who created mankind in His image, meaning, Mankind is a spirit living in the body. Therefore, If I live in this body and I believe in Jesus, my spirit lives forever. (John 11:26) So, here is an explanation of Your "spiritual quantum field". Stop experimenting- Just believe the Creator. :)

    1. I disagree with "stop experiementing", "stop learning", "stop trying". I also disagree with "Stop believing" (not that you said to, I'm making a point).

      I enjoy reading stuff like this - spirituality is an eons-old concept in humans. IS it REALLY just a psychological phenomenon? Or could it be driven by, well, a reality outside this universe - like some of these guys are postulating.

      God clearly lives outside of space-time; if He doesn't, then he's not God. Perhaps we CAN exist outside of space-time as well, after death (or even before it?)

      In any case, I will follow this kind of science till my last day.

  4. " I don't believe in an afterlife, but I'm taking a change of underwear just in case I'm wrong." Woody Allen

  5. The reason for the diurnal and annual rotation of the planets.

    if the sun rotates the ether, and the ether rotates the planet, then the duration of the daily rotation of the planet will depend on the diameter of this planet ... in Mercury maximum day, Jupiter's minimum. In addition, if we look at the angular velocities of the planets, they almost do not differ in magnitude, as if the planets float in a certain liquid. This happens because the concentric layers of the ether, unwound by the sun, have different velocities.

  6. Two weeks ago, someone posted an article by this Dr. Carroll, which I quote a statement he made and then my (me, a layperson) response two weeks ago to that statement. I read this very article today and drew upon what my response had been earlier.
    "Dr Carroll explained that for there to be an afterlife, consciousness would need to be entirely separated from our physical body. But instead of an ever-lasting soul, consciousness appears to essentially composed of a series of atoms and electrons."
    Atoms and electrons: "All matter is made up of atoms. The atom has a nucleus, which contains particles of positive charge (protons) and particles of neutral charge (neutrons). ... These shells are actually different energy levels and within the energy levels, the electrons orbit the nucleus of the atom."
    Energy: "One of the most basic laws of science is the Law of the Conservation of Energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another."

    My layperson conclusion!
    Consciousness/soul = atoms and electrons = energy = consciousness stays energy = everlasting consciousness/everlasting soul.

    1. which seems to me what you are saying is that there is no individual, no separate entity

  7. Life on planet earth is a biological excellence, terraforming a lonely planet to a designed parameters of a creator that produced self-replicating creations. The human life is created in its image hence it represents the creators objective to obtain a desired purpose. Life can only exist if consciousness is activated giving intelligence a platform to interact.
    • Life on earth is made up of intelligence, energy and matter, the mortal or physical plane.
    • In the absence of matter i.e. Intelligence and energy, life is defined in the immortal or astral plan
    • In the absence of energy and matter i.e. intelligence only, which becomes consciousness, life is defined in the divine or celestial plane
    • Life can only exist if intelligence has a platform to interact with matter and energy. In the absence of matter and energy intelligence becomes dormant and consciousness empowers all activities. Or some call it the cosmic consciousness. But consciousness is consciousness all other evaluation just give it an expanded name.
    • DNA coding reveals intelligence and is an assurance to science that it needs matter and energy to be awakened. This is an expanded form of consciousness that we speak about. Medical science has established that we have 2 strands of DNA and 10 strands of ‘junk’ DNA, but they have not understood the purpose of that ‘junk’” DNA.
    • The new science of “wave genetics” shows that DNA functions like a holographic computer, part of the larger hologram of the information wave reality. Our DNA has the capabilities of hyper communication—telepathy, remote sensing and remote feeling, along with other psychic abilities. We also have the ability to reprogram our genetic blueprint with simple word and frequencies. These are the indications that alien life with more than two strands of DNA are on planet earth. The condition is to have more than 2 strands of DNA!
    • 8 strand DNA would be in harmony with the Fibonacci sequence “The Fibonacci Sequence is Nature’s Code “and it was possible that there was life on earth with 8 strands DNA who are our creators and communicates with consciousness.
    • DNA has a memory media that carries information in matter linked with a mother board (consciousness) independent of matter and energy.
    • For an observer in any space with time that has a beginning, an end and a middle starts monitoring matter and energy with consciousness, then time and space is defined but in the absence of matter and energy space and time becomes an illusion and consciousness becomes dominant.
    • Hence consciousness plays an important role in science where results are not consistent and each observer has his own analysis, maybe quite different than the other.
    • Consciousness when activated will link your, after or before life experience in matter or human life and that information is very rare.

    1. Perhaps it may help you in the subject, Islamic view of creation is identical to Tora but more comprehensive and well explained, 1 there are many earth like plants 2. Life started from water but the matter of creation was earth. Bodily humans are are animals but after fully development he had been infused with rooh ( Arabic ) or ruach ( Hebrew ) originally all living organism have naphes, it is this naphes which is responsible for all physical activities of an individual activities for propagation, sustenance and servival. All of the activities practiced by an individual recorded by two angels. After death all records with naphes along with ruach of a human has been taken away and submitted by angels either in illiyeen or sijjileen according to bad or good individual till the day of judgment .

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