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NASA's $1 billion Spacecraft Captures A Stunning Solar Eclipse On Jupiter

NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter was launched on August 5, 2011 and after 8 years it is still providing important data. Recently NASA’s Juno spacecraft has caught solar eclipse on Jupiter. The photos were snapped using JunoCam's tool on board the spacecraft.

In the amazing images Io is casting its shadow on the colourful North Equatorial belt of Jupiter.

Juno spacecraft performs a close flyby every 53 days and next flyby is expected on November 3. NASA expects Juno to perform at least 53 flybys and the upcoming flyby will be 23rd.

The very last flyby is expected on July 30, 2021 and after that Juno mission will end in a controlled swan dive into the planet.

The dive is really important as to avoid the possibility of contact with life-bearing worlds such as Jupiter’s moon Europa.

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