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Photographer Captures Dolphins Glowing Blue In Bioluminescent Waves

Photographer Captures Dolphins Glowing Blue In Bioluminescent Waves

A photographer caught the incredible moment when a pod of dolphins became bioluminescent – and it looks exactly like something from Avatar.

The amazing footage was taken by Patrick Coyne when he witnessed the dolphins at Newport Beach, California, on April 15.

In the video, you see the dolphins swimming beside trailed by an electric blue haze – and no, they haven’t eaten a glow stick.

You can see the whole footage here:

Patrick also saw the bioluminescence as the waves crashed onto Newport Beach.

Sharing the clip on Instagram, he wrote on April 17 that ‘last night’s bioluminescence in Newport Beach was unbelievable! it’s by far the brightest I’ve ever seen’.

As mystic as the waves and dolphins seemed, they didn’t occur through witchcraft – the justification behind the bright colors is thought to be due to a biochemical reaction.

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