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Stray Mama Cat Carries Her Sick Kitten To Istanbul Hospital So Medics Can Help

Stray Mama Cat Carries Her Sick Kitten To Istanbul Hospital So Medics Can Help

Heart-warming photographs taken at Istanbul hospital show the moment a stray mother cat took her sick kitten to the emergency room.

The concerned mother cat could be seen carrying her sick baby in her mouth, before presenting it to medics for help. Luckily, it appeared she had brought her little one to the right place.

Caring medics instantly came to the aid of the fluffy family, checking over the tiny sick kitten for any health issues.

The concerned mother cat was apparently given some milk and food while her baby was being looked after, helping her feel calmer in this worrying period for her.

Luckily, both cats are in good health after being checked over by doctors. Both cats were later directed to a vet for further feline-focused care.

Amazing photographs of the two kitties seeking help were shared by a Twitter user by the name of Merve Özcan, who defined the kitten as being ‘mischievous’.



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