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Couple Got Engaged Under Rare Comet That’s Only Visible Every 6,800 Years

Couple Engaged Under Comet

In once-in-a-lifetime photographs, a couple got engaged underneath Comet Neowise – which is only visible into our view every 6,800 years.

John Nicotera, 33, and Erica Pendrak, 26, met on Social Media Platform and have been living together for a year-and-a-half. Since Christmas last year, John had been thinking about proposing; however with quarantine due to Covid-19 seeing them spending a lot more time inside, he believed it would be a good test for their relationship.

The stars aligned at the perfect time. With the rare comet flying across the Northern Hemisphere between July 15-23, John and Erica made their way to New York, to watch the cosmic event. There, he popped the awaited question.

Discussing the decision to delay proposing, John told Insider: ‘Being stuck at home every hour can take a toll on a couple, and we had not a single issue. I feel like the honeymoon stage of the relationship might’ve faded away and that was a big trial. We both figured out how to deal with each other’s difficulties, you know?’

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