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Dying Buffalo Gores Hunter Through Leg In Final Act Of Revenge

Dying Buffalo Gores Hunter Through Leg In Final Act Of Revenge

A dying buffalo made a one last effort to defend itself by stabbing a hunter through the leg after he shot it with arrows many times.

Chris Mcsherry, from Australia, came across the buffalo while out hunting last week in Port Bradshaw, just off the northeast coast of the Northern Zone.

Buffalo gored hunter after being shot

He shot two arrows towards the animal to take it down, but the buffalo tried to escape and escaped the scene.

Man left with huge gore marks after shooting buffalo

In a post on Social media, Mcsherry described he followed a ‘good blood trail’ to track the animal, and after a while he came across it ‘in a thick piece of bush’.

The buffalo, which is believed to have weighed approximately 1,700lbs, was shot with a ‘couple more bolts from [Mcsherry’s friend’s] crossbow’ as he tried to ‘put the animal out of [its] misery’, but the beast was gritty not to go down without a fight.

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