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Turtles Line Up For A Scrub When They Notice Lady Has A Brush, And It’s So Cute!

 Did you know that— If you've got a brush, the turtles will love you.


Thanks to this one visitor at the Botanic Gardens of Singapore, he learned how much turtles love to have a scrub, so much so that they all want a go.


On the banks of a pond in the forest, Nur Hafiza Ariffin crouched down to watch a lady with a brush tend to dozens of turtles. They enjoyed it.


Ariffin describes how many turtles emerged enthusiastically from the water lined up to have a go in the woman's hands with the elusive brush.


Check out the video below:



Ariffin claims that the woman had purchased a brush to help get rid of the algae on her shells, and they couldn't get enough of it.

Said Arrifin:


"Spreading kindness in all possible ways,"


"[The turtles] came happily towards her to clean their backs, and they walked off cutely once it was done."

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