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Astronomers in Germany turned this observatory into R2-D2

An observatory in Germany has been transformed into a massive R2-D2 by a German professor. Dr. Hubert Zitt, a professor at Zweibr├╝cken University of Applied Sciences, is an expert in electrotechnology and… Star Wars.

Despite the fact that Zitt only has a PhD in systems theory of electrotechnology, he is well-known for his Star Wars lectures. According to Bored Panda, the science-fiction fan decided to make the Natural Science Association’s Zweibr├╝ck Observatory look like Star Wars’ lovable droid R2-D2.

The avid sci-fi fan had the help of his father-in-law, Horst Helle, painter Klaus Ruffing, and several helpful students to give the observatory a transformational lick of paint.

The dull, gray observatory served an important purpose for scientists, but it was also a bit drab-looking. So, with the help of painter Klaus Ruffing and some of Zitt’s own students, the tall dome got an extreme makeover, and now it sports some serious Star Wars flair.

The observatory was already the perfect shape to be turned into the lovable Star Wars droid R2-D2, and aside from the lack of legs fixed to its side, it’s a dead ringer for the quirky robot.

Professor Hubert Zitt transformed the Zweibr├╝ck Observatory of the Natural Science Association into a giant replica of R2-D2. 

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