Donald Trump Says He Could Launch A SPACE FORCE Alongside Other Branches Of The Military To Fight Extraterrestrial Wars

A new space force could be created in the US to fight the extraterrestrial wars of the future, President Donald Trump has claimed. Legislators and military experts have envisioned a possibility of war in space for at least the past several decades. Until recently, that issue has been cast aside as other more pressing matters - including war and terrorism - have taken centre stage.

Now, addressing the prospect of an armed encounter above the Earth appears to be an increasing priority for the world's super powers. Russia and China are already claimed to be developing armaments that can strike in space, including missiles that can target satellites. 

Trump's comments suggest America is prioritising its own offensive and defensive capabilities, to ensure its supremacy in the theatre of space conflict.

Previously revealed US space weapons include the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle and hypersonic missiles under development that could be used to strike objects in orbit. President Trump made the comments while presenting the annual Commander-in-Chief's Trophy to the US Army's Black Knights football team at the White House. During his speech, the Trump said that his administration is 'seriously thinking' about creating a space force as part of his efforts to build up the nation's military.

Trump listed the 'five proud branches of the United States Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and the Coast Guard'. According to reports in The Times, he paused for a moment before adding: 'And we're actually thinking of a sixth, and that would be the Space Force. Does that make sense?

'Because we're getting very big in space, both militarily and for other reasons. And we are seriously thinking of the Space Force.' This is not the first time that Trump has raised the prospect of a new Space Force, telling a crowd of Marines in March he may want to start one. 

Positioned in front of a Marine F/A-18 Hornet, Trump called space a 'war-fighting domain', and talked up both its military importance and the merits of private ventures. 'Space is a war-fighting domain just like the land, air, and sea,' he said on March 23, as he spoke to Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232, nicknamed the Red Devils, at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

'We may even have a Space Force, develop another one – Space Force,' Trump added. 'We have the Air Force, you'll have the Space Force.' In April, a new report outlined concerns that a space war may be approaching faster than many anticipated and that world leaders are woefully unprepared.

The US Department of Defense warned that the US isn't ready for a space war, while Russia and China have developed technologies that could destroy satellites that are crucial for many everyday tasks, ranging from ATMs to apps like Uber Eats. The satellites are also used for reconnaissance and guiding precision bombs, missiles and drones.

'We are now approaching a point where "Star Wars" is not just a movie,' Steve Isakowitz, CEO of think tank Aerospace Corp, told Politico at the time.  

The Pentagon has already set aside billions to 'harden' its defences against anti-satellite weapons and training troops to survive in space. Congress also floated the idea last year of a new 'Space Corps', set to be modelled after the Marines.

It would be tasked with keeping the US ahead of its superpower rivals in the event of a war. The idea of creating the first new branch to the US military in 70 years encountered significant resistance, however, and was scrapped in December 2017.

Alleged restriction of funds to the other armed forces squashed the idea.  US Air Force chief, General David Goldfein, has also claimed space warfare is a real possibility 'within a matter of years'. The US will need new tools, specialist training and billions of dollars in funding to prepare for combat in orbit, he has said.

General Goldfein made the comments while speaking at the Air Force Association's 34th annual Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition in Orlando in February.

'[It's] time for us as a service, regardless of speciality badge, to embrace space superiority with the same passion and sense of ownership as we apply to air superiority today,' General Goldfein said at the time.  General Goldfein argues that the US Air Force is best placed to protect American interests in space.

He added: 'I believe we're going to be fighting from space in a matter of years. We are the service that must lead joint war fighting in this new contested domain. This is what the nation demands.'


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