Dog Falls Into Canal And Starts To Drown, Until Group Of Dolphins Saves Him In Incredible Manner

If we try to live as one with the animals, this world would be a much better place. We should teach our children from very young age that every life matters, and every creature should be treated with kindness. The dolphins are probably the living beings we should all learn how to be compassionate from. Not only they are lovable and sweet, but they are intelligent too. If it wasn’t for a group of dolphins, a dog’s life would have ended.

No one noticed when or how the Doberman fell into the canal of Marco Island, Florida. With no humans around, the faith of this poor dog seemed to be sealed. But, then out of the blue, magnificent dolphins came to his rescue.

They could see the dog was struggling to get out of the water, which was 
practically impossible since it was trapped in the canal and the wall that separated the water from the land was way too tall to climb. The animal was splashing around and it was enough concern for the dolphins to realize he was in trouble.

What these smart dolphins did next was sort of amazing. They all started making loud noise hoping for someone to hear them and come check what was going on. “In fact, they made so much noise that some people who lived nearby happened to hear them and investigated why they were being so loud,” Snackay reports. “Then they noticed the dog trapped below the wall in the canal water.”

In a matter of minutes, after discovering the drowning dog, firemen came to the scene and got the Doberman out of the water. It was obvious he was scared as he couldn’t stop shaking.


According to the rescuers, the dog spent around 15 hours in the water. It’s truly amazing how he managed to stay alive for so much time. He was also dehydrated because he hadn’t had anything to drink, and sipping the salt water only led to more severe case of dehydration.

Everyone agrees that if it wasn’t for the dolphins, the dog wouldn’t survive.

If we are all as compassionate towards others the way dolphins are, there wouldn’t be any cases of animal neglect out there and everyone would live in a perfect harmony.

There are also many documented cases of dolphins saving human lives as well.

Take a look at the whole story in the video below.  Source: We Love Animals

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