Michigan Man Discovers Glowing, Fluorescent Rocks Called "Yooperlites"

Michigan Man Discovers Glowing, Florescent Rocks Called "Yooperlites"

Erik Rintamaki was looking for rocks on a Michigan beach last summer when he came up with what he calls a "mind blowing" discovery. Hidden among the thousands of pebbles covering the Lake Superior beach, Erik Rintamaki saw a glowing rock.


Erik Rintamaki told CBS News he regularly goes rock hunting. But on this exact June night, he discovered a rock unlike any other — a florescent orb that he later named "Yooperlite." Like lava glowing through cracks in the earth surface, a glowing light oozed out of the lines in the small rock.

Erik knew this couldn't be the only Yooperlite out there, but he couldn't find any info about glowing rocks online. He knows many people in the gem and mineral field, but every person he asked had no clue what these glowing mysterious rocks were.

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