Rare Ginger Seal May Have To Be Rescued After Being Shunned By Its Colony


An unusual rare ginger seal pup may have to be rehomed by naturalists only if its colony accepts its unique look.


The golden pup was born a month ago on the island of Tyuleny in Okhotsk, Russia, where a large colony of seals lives. It was identified by marine mammal biologist Vladimir Burkanov during a field trip to Okhotsk.


The young seal stands out beside its dark-furred mates because it is partly albino, meaning it has golden fur, blue eyes and pink flippers.


See the seal with its colony here:



Scientists say the odds of such a partial albino birth are one in 100,000, and while it is extremely cute, the pup has been called the ‘ugly duckling’ since it looks so different from the rest of the colony.

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