Swan Dies Of A ‘Broken Heart’ After Cruel Teenagers Kill Her Unborn Babies With Bricks


After young vandals destroyed her unhatched eggs, a mother swan died of a broken heart, forcing her mate to leave the nest.


Animals can die from a broken heart, and a swan 's tale brings tears to our eyes. The swan had laid six eggs in a park in Manchester. Unfortunately, several of the unhatched eggs were destroyed by a group of vandals. As if it weren't enough, the swan's mate, too, ran away.

A wildlife enthusiast, Michael James Mason, was taking care of the swan, monitoring its progress. He was in a Facebook community posting daily updates on the swan family. Members of this community enjoyed reading all of the momma swan storeys. They were devastated to hear that bricks had been hurled at her eggs by vandals.


"Today I don't really want to do this post because it comes with a great deal of sadness," Mason wrote. "I've been trying to keep you updated on the Swan who laid six eggs for you."


Three eggs were damaged by young vandals. The poor swan had local dogs, a moorhen, and a duck to contend with, too. She lost another two eggs. The distraught mother was left without a mate and with only one egg. It was a bad conclusion to a tragic storey. The swan was found to be "slumped dead in her nest."


Mason added, "I just feel like crying as I have tracked her progress for about 12 weeks."


An inquiry into the swan's tragic death was undertaken by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


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