Adorable Moment Panda Cub Follows His Keeper Around To Prevent Her From Leaving


A sweet panda cub gives his utmost not to leave his enclosure with his keeper.


Animals without limitations express their love. They try all possible ways to show it and spend more time with us whenever they develop a powerful, trustworthy, and valuable bond with humans.




Margaret Gruen, an assistant professor of behavioural medicine at the Veterinary Medicine College of NC State, says:

"Pets express love by being excited to see us, by welcoming us, by vocalising in ways that show us how excited they are to see us, by spending time with us and trying to get us to be with us."


Chun Sheng, a 7-month-old cub in China, was caught on camera attempting to discourage his caretaker from leaving his enclosure. The naughty animal blocked the doorway at first, but quickly came up with another idea and began chasing the employee around.



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