Water on Mars: Evidence of water found on Mars! NASA's Curiosity Rover sent data, sometimes dry - sometimes wet

Water on Mars: NASA's Curiosity, under NASA's Mars mission, is sending data from Mount Sharp. The changes found here will be able to know how the weather developed here. The evidence of wet and dry on the ground has raised the hope of scientists.


In search of proof of life on Mars, NASA's rover has sent a big information. Many such information has been found in data from NASA's Curiosity Rover. In a study, it has been said that there used to be a long drought on Mars and then water was also there many times. The rover circling on the bumpy ground of Mars has got such signs from the structure of the rocks there. Sedimentary rock bottom has been studied with the help of ChemCam Instrument and Telescope.


Sand rock


At present, NASA's rover is roaming on a mountain named Aeolis Mons inside Gale Crater. Based on the data here, scientists have estimated that the texture changes rapidly under the red planet rock formed by dust up to several hundred feet. At the bottom of Mount Sharp is a clay soil and sand dune on top of it, which varies with thunderstorms.


The data here also indicate that there may have been a wet season or it may be that there is water inside the gale crater. During this NASA mission, Curiosity has to take all the data from Mount Sharp. Changes here will be able to know about the changing weather here.

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