Huge Solar Flare penetrated Earth's magnetic field so deep and was so powerful that it created a NEW TYPE of Aurora

A G1-class geomagnetic (solar) storm hit the Earth in early November, causing such a deep crack in our planet's magnetic field that charged particles from the Sun could penetrate deep into the atmosphere, resulting in an extremely rare, pink aurora over Norway for approximately two minutes.

The unusual phenomenon, more of a light show, was witnessed on November 3 by Markus Varik, a tour guide for a Greenland travel company near Troms, who stated that in his more than a decade-long career, he had never seen such a pink aurora borealis - we'll show you what it looked like:

More photos can be found HERE.

The northern lights are typically green because the solar wind only penetrates to the oxygen-rich layers (up to 100-300 kilometres) above the Earth's surface, but the current one has reached a depth (below 100 kilometres) where nitrogen is the most abundant gas, resulting in the neon pink glow.

(Photo courtesy of Greenlander Troms, LiveScience)

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