‘Nibiru is Fictional,’ but Apophis Asteroid May Strike Earth April 2029

So, did you do enough science in school? If you believe in Nibiru it may be that you didn’t, according to astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. “It’s just fiction,” he says of Planet X – Nibiru. It’s up there with the end-of-the-world prophecy of 2012…but we’re still standing; “[Nibiru] is a fun work of fiction.”

In a discussion, Neil Degrasse tyson reassures the crowds about fake news about Nibiru. However, in another talk separate to the fictional Nibiru he discusses an asteroid called Apophis. It was discovered in December 2004, but was never really mentioned in the media.

Why? deGrasse goes on to explain that it’s because the discovery was made in the same week as the catastrophic tsunami in Indonesia. If the asteroid hits, it would make the Indonesian tsunami look like a “the tide’s just rolling in.”

The Apophis asteroid – the Egyptian God of death and darkness – is the size of the rose bowl. On Friday the 13th, April 2029, Apophis “will come close enough to earth to dip below our orbiting communication satellites…it will be the biggest, closest thing ever to come to Earth in our recorded history,” he says, “now the uncertainty in that orbit includes the keyhole – a narrow region within these uncertainties…”

Neil deGrasse acknowledges that you want to change the course of the asteroid, but not with nukes. He acknowledges that there are people working on deflection possibilities for this particular scenario.

If it hits the ‘keyhole’ based on the data, it would hit Earth 7 years after – it would “hit the Pacific Ocean 500km’s West of Santa Monica.’ The crater caused would be 3 miles deep and wide in the Pacific, creating the start of a tsunami that will have a repeat cycle setting for a dozen or so times.

As described by the astrophysicist, the debris that comes in with the following tsunamis’ would wipe the North American coastline clean for about a quarter mile deep.

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