BREAKING: China Just Made History by Landing a Probe on The Dark Side of The Moon

2019 has begun with a good start. First good news came from NASA when New Horizon’s spacecraft reached the farthest object in the solar system and now it is another important day not just in 2019 but it significant in the history of space exploration. China National Space Administration (CNSA)’s  Chang'e-4 rover has just touched down on the far side of the Moon,making it the first ever successful attempt to explore this hidden side of the lunar surface.

Artist's impression

And the good news just doesn’t end there, the Chang'e-4 rover has already returned its first image, and it's utterly breathtaking. We're also looking towards the treasure trove of information Chang'e-4 will send back in near future along with breathtaking photos, but the CNSA have even bigger plans– Chang'e-5 is planned to launch by 2020, with the purpose of landing on the Moon and then returning to Earth.
(China National Space Administration/Xinhua News Agency)
You can read more about this here.

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