Japanese Company Plans To Build A Space Elevator By 2050

Japanese company Obayashi has declared that they will have a space elevator assembled by 2050. The elevator will spread 96,000 km (60,000 mi) into space and will transport people and shipment to a new space station. It will also work as a port to transport astronauts to Mars and beyond.

Learn more in the video below.


  1. As if... They will gather foolish investors $$ and then abscond with the money. I'm wondering what speed this elevator will travel at because at an absurd 1000 km/hr vertically that's a 96 hours trip. Better have lots of snacks and toilet paper.

  2. I have read about this in the seventies in Popular Science, just like I read about the Space Shuttle in the seventies in Popular Science before it ever existed. Yes it is amazing and I believe it will be done.

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