YouTuber Successfully Completes Flat-Earther’s $100,000 Challenge, Flat-Earther Refuses To Pay

Flat Earthers have been out of the headlines lately, but don't worry, they're still there, quietly choosing to ignore all scientific evidence that shows the Earth is a globe and getting angry on social media. And so, to YouTube where a user calling himself Flat Out Hero has offered $100,000 (which he absolutely definitely has, of course) to anyone who could offer him proof that Earth isn't flat.

The video was captioned: "It's impossible, but don't tell the globetards that! This is the final nail in the ball earth coffin, and I am happy to be the one to hammer it in!!!" It also saw him call out fellow YouTuber Wolfie6020 as he laid out the challenge.

So, what is this challenge? Well, he requested that Wolfie use flight charts to navigate a plane from Point A to Point B and from Point B to Point C, before heading home, making sure that the exact same distance is flown between each point and that only 90 degree turns are made.

Sounds confusing AF to me, but Wolfie was keen. So keen, in fact, that he took on the challenge. In a video he posted in October, titled This Flat Earther Owes Me $100,000, he shared the flight path, which seemed to fit all the necessary requirements of the challenge.

Seems fair enough, right? Man sets challenge, other man completes challenge, surely the $100,000 is as good as in his bank, yeah?

Well, no. After explaining what he'd done, Wolfie asked Flat Out Hero if he had the money ready, but he responded by saying that he hadn't intended the word 'chart' to be used as verb.

He also added that he didn't want electronic charts to be used, prompting Wolfie to upload another video showing that his flight paths could still be mapped on paper. 

After seemingly looking over Wolfie's plans, Flat Out Hero admitted the YouTuber he had managed to plot out the route, but that he didn't think it was possible to fly it and, as such, wouldn't be paying out, because he didn't think it had been successfully proven the Earth was round.

Naturally, a bunch of people who have been watching this bizarre feud play out have suggested that Flat Out Hero might not have the necessary cash to pay out. I couldn't possibly comment on that - but I am happy to say, on the record, that the Earth is round.

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