Drone Captures Amazing Aerial Footage Of Crater Nicknamed 'The Door To Hell' That's Been Burning For More Than 40 Years

An Italian photographer has captured aerial footage of a crater that has burned continually in the middle of the desert for more than four decades. Dubbed “the Door to Hell”, the Darvaza crater is a 69m wide, 30m deep hole located 150 miles from Turkmenistan’s capital, Ashgabat.  

It was accidently created when a group of Soviet engineers were exploring for sources of natural gas saw their rig collapse in 1971. Alessandro Belgiojoso used a drone to take HD pictures and footage of the fiery pit.

“Some miscalculation led to machinery and most probably also operating engineers falling into the ground,” he said. “As gas poured into the atmosphere, making it impossible to live in small villages even at great distance in the desert, the best option was to light up the gas and wait until the gas field would eventually dry up. This story is not something to be proud of and tourism is not really welcomed by the authorities.”

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