Student Create Bacteria That Eat Plastic From The Oceans And Turn It Into Water

Earth has a major problem created by human: Plastic. To deal with it, currently the innovation is a bacterium for the one of biggest environmental crisis that we are facing. It is developed by students Jeanny Yao and Miranda Wang , who have been working on this project since their early school years and now it’s close to becoming a reality. They already have patents and have gained a funding of 400 thousand dollars to start making the product.

Their project has already won 5 prizes. All thanks to its small bacteria capable of breaking down plastic into CO2 and water. The technique can work ion 2 ways: To clean the beaches and also to yield raw resources for clothing.

Miranda Wang said: "It is practically impossible to make people stop using plastic, we need technology to break the material, and everything becomes biodegradable, "

You can learn more about this here.

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