Cow Born On Valentine’s Day With Perfect Heart-Shaped Patch On Its Head

Cow Born On Valentine's Day With Perfect Heart-Shaped Patch On Its Head

An adorable cow born on Valentine’s day was coincidentally born with a perfect heart-shaped patch on its head. 

Born at Parkshaw Farm in Northern Ireland, the sweet calf went down a storm with the farmer’s young children (who also add to the cuteness of pictures). 

Heart cow
While most of us will see Valentine’s Day as a bit of a money-making scheme for businesses, you can’t help but think that the cow being born with a love heart on its head is fate. 

The adorable calf that boasts a light brown coat, huge brown eyes and eyelashes most girls would be jealous of, definitely wins the awards of 2020’s cutest animal. 

Heart cow
Some other cows which won over our hearts recently some sporting some extremely cute ear muffs last month. 

Dubbed ‘moo muffs‘ the tiny calves appear to have had them hand knitted for them so their little ears wouldn’t feel the cold. 

Farmers far and wide were giving their calves ear muffs to help protect them against harsh weather and it’s without a doubt the cutest thing you’ll lay your eyes on this week. 

The reason we’re all chatting about the cattle fashion trend is because Twitter user @ThisFarmingMan_ shared an adorable photo of a young calf wearing baby pink knitted earmuffs and it has since gained an impressive 168,000 likes. 

While the ‘moo muffs’ are quite the fashion statement, it is genuinely for the purpose of the calves ears not getting cold. 

Dr W Dee Whittier wrote in a paper called Calves and the Cold, explaining: 

The extremities are most at risk. Frozen ears and tails result in changes of cattle appearance but do not affect cattle performance significantly. Sadly, if a calf’s feet freeze, it must be put to sleep or it will die. 

Now, if I saw the calf with the heart on its head wearing ‘moo muffs’, I think my heart would genuinely explode 

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