World’s Largest Green Sea Turtle Colony Filmed Heading Towards Nesting Ground In Australia

World's Largest Green Sea Turtle Colony Filmed Heading Towards ...

Spectacular drone footage filmed in Australia shows the world’s largest green sea turtle colony making their way to lay eggs on shore.

Queensland scientists used drones to help them more precisely survey the population of the endangered animals; however their procedures have the added bonus of producing unbelievable videos like this one.

Green sea turtle

The scene shows more than 64,000 endangered turtles travelling to Raine Island, a northern Great Barrier Reef island, north Queensland.

The colony of breeding animals, also known as a rookery, is the largest in the world. Using drones to observe them has been more effective compared to previous laborious techniques, such as spray-painting their backs while they rested on the beach.

Green sea turtle

Andrew Dunstan, from the Queensland Department of Environment and Science, said to 7News:

''Trying to precisely count thousands of painted and unpainted turtles from a small boat in rough weather was tough.''
 ''Using a drone is way easier, safer, much more accurate, and the data can be instantly and permanently stored.''

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