Saudi Man Filmed Riding Whale Shark By Clinging Onto Its Dorsal Fin


People tend to avoid sharks if they find themselves in close proximity, but one man openly jumped onto the back of one and tried to ride it, clinging to its dorsal fin.


The daring stunt took place in the Red Sea, near Yanbu city in Saudi Arabia, where Zaki Al-sabahy was on a boat with his two friends, identified as Bader Al-Kabidi and Yasser Al-Rifai.


Footage recorded by one of the men showed Zaki standing on the edge of the boat while many whale sharks swam around the boat, but rather than leaving those in peace Zaki decided to get up close and personal with one of the huge fish.


See the footage below:



The brazen man seemed to be considering which shark to target, as he locked down one swimming to the right of the boat before actually changing his mind and going for one swimming on the left.

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