Two-Headed Tortoise Believed To Be Oldest Of Her Kind Is Turning 23


A two-headed tortoise is about to turn 23 and –– our timelines are about to be blessed with new gorgeous images of the tortoise.


The Greek tortoise, called Janus, was born in the Museum of Natural History in Geneva, Switzerland from an egg that was placed in an incubator.


Named after the Roman god with two faces, Janus has obviously become one of the main charms within the museum, with the creature also being the museum’s mascot.


Though many animals born with two heads in the wild commonly die at a young age, Janus has beaten the odds and is believed to be the oldest of her kind.


Even though the animal’s relatively old age, magnificent new images show Janus being absolutely pampered in the museum, with the tortoise even being treated to a bath daily and some delicious snacks.


Angelica – who has been taking care of the tortoise since 2013 – even takes her to the roof of the museum depending upon the weather, where a grassy area has been created exclusively for her. This lets Janus to sunbathe and stretch her legs to her heart’s satisfaction.

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