Moment Cher Meets ‘World’s Loneliest Elephant’ Kaavan In Pakistan Zoo

 Before he was moved to a sanctuary in Cambodia to live out his retirement, Cher went to Pakistan to meet the 'world's loneliest elephant.'


Animal rights advocacy groups aim to ensure "animal welfare" and "animal protection" and say that it is a form of bigotry akin to sexism and racism to ignore the most basic needs of non-human animals.




They claim that we should all treat animals with the dignity they deserve, not abuse their right to be free in their natural environment.



Over the past few years, these organisations have fought many fights, to the satisfaction of many. Now, after several years of lobbying, the 'world's loneliest elephant' will leave the Pakistan zoo, and live out his retirement in a sanctuary in Cambodia.


Among the many animal advocates fighting for his right to a better life, the American singer and actress Cher helped him a lot to be moved from the zoo.



While kept in captivity, the unfortunate animal was forced to entertain crowds and beg for cash from zoo visitors while being prodded by his handlers with bull hooks.


Plus, in 2012, he lost his partner. Elephants are similar to humans, according to scientists, and experience the same feelings as us, form close bonds with their companions and mourn them when they die.



Luckily, those miserable days have come to an end. Now he will be relocated to a new venue, a 25,000-acre wildlife sanctuary in northwestern Cambodia's Siem Reap, to live out his retirement surrounded by other elephants.

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