This 3-Minute Animation Will Change Your Perception Of Time

We all know the Earth is old, but it’s hard to put its age into perspective. After all, what does 4.5 billion years really mean? How do you even understand this time spent with our ephemeral human brain?


Well, Business Insider did a pretty amazing job in this 3 minute animation, showing the Earth’s timeline if the time was the distance from Los Angeles to New York. And, oh boy, our worldview will never be the same.


  1. I was with them right up to the point where they decided to include a fictional event in the timeline, the so-called crucifixion of jesus christ. Then they lost me, complete nonsense, including the fictional death, of a fictional prophet, in a mainstream religion.
    There are over 5,000 religions in the world & christianity has no more credibility than any of them.
    Remake the video without the christian contamination of the timeline. Especially for a religion who includes adherents that don't even believe in the Theory of Evolution, Dinosaurs, the true age of the Earth (Creationism, YEC, Intelligent Design, etc.), & other nonsense.
    I like my Science completely secular, not with bits of religious propaganda snuck in, as if I won't notice them.

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    2. I am in total agreement with your criticism. It's totally bogus to include this fantasy thinking.

  2. I agree that it totally put me off when Christ was added. But after thought, regardless of it's merits, our Western calendars are based on that as the main fixed point by which we currently use to count days, months and years, so it seems appropriate to have it on this timeline.

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