The US Recorded Highest Number of UFO Sightings in 2020

Scientists have long suspected that extra-terrestrial life exists out there, but could more of these alien life forms be getting closer to Earth year on year?


An interesting report in the New York Times might believe so, as it stated that last year saw a surge in UFO sightings recorded in the U.S. New Yorkers alone reported 300 UFO sightings — the highest number to date.


This raises a number of questions. For instance, are there just more UFOs? Or, were they always there but are they now flying closer to Earth? Or, did people just have more time during lockdowns? And finally, were the night skies clearer during the pandemic?


Unfortunately, no clear cut answer can be given. However, if we look at the numbers recorded by the National UFO Reporting Center in the U.S., the number of reported sightings last year was 7,263. That number is up from 6,277 in 2019, and jumps up radically from just a decade earlier in 2010, which saw 4,809 sightings reported.


The numbers vary over the years, but if you go down the fascinating list of reportings, they do trickle down, with some years even just recording one sighting. So there is a clear upwards trend.


Why are there more UFO sightings?


Another musing is that as more official agencies like the CIA share their official UFO documents, more people become interested in the topic and pay closer attention to what might be lurking above their homes at night. The Pentagon also recently confirmed that a recent leaked Navy UFO footage was real, adding fuel to the UFO fire.


Combine these factors with people having more time on their hands in lockdowns and clear skies, you have more opportunities for UFO sightings.


Interestingly, we may count more and more UFO sightings as time goes by, as companies and agencies keep sending more satellites to orbit, while others focus their time on building enormous cargo airships that truly could pass for UFOs. We suspect there may be a peak in UFO sightings in 2024, when this particular airship is due to soar to the skies.


In the meantime, to keep you occupied during lockdown you can have a little fun by checking out exactly where they've been seen through a cool UFO sightings map. Unless, of course, you prefer to take out your binoculars and look up at the starry sky directly. 

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