Check out the International Space Station in this new 360-degree video

If you are interested in space, you are most likely interested in the International Space Station (ISS). So, how about you go on a tour?

European Space Agency (ESA) ISS astronaut Thomas Pesquet has decided to be your guide as the ESA has posted a video to its YouTube channel that details a new series that will take viewers on a tour through the floating laboratory with 360-degree cameras. The new series is appropriately named Space Station 360 and will allow the viewer to control the camera to look around in their desired location.

As for the video above, Pesquet details the Node 2 module, giving explanations for all of the features contained within it. Node 2 is described as a "connecting module" or "communication module", and is the "crossroads" of the ISS. The module is where cargo vehicles dock, tools are stored, sleeping stations, and more. If you are interested in more of this unique ISS tour, check out this link here.

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