NASA scientist answers the one big question, 'do aliens exist?'

NASA has posted a new video to its YouTube channel titled "We Asked a NASA Scientist - Do Aliens Exist?". Here's the answer.

A NASA astrobiologist has answered the one big question people have been asking for decades - 'Do aliens actually exist?'.

NASA has posted a new video as a part of its "We Asked a NASA Scientist" series where the space agency will pose a popular question to a NASA scientist in their respective field and post their answer. In the above video Dr. Lindsay Hays, a NASA astrobiologist, was asked if aliens exist, to which she says that "we have not yet discovered life on any other planet," adding "we have seen any scientifically supported evidence for any extraterrestrial life".


However, Dr. Lindsay also says that doesn't mean we will never find life. The astrobiologist goes on to say that almost everywhere we have looked on Earth, we have found tiny microbial life, the simplest of life forms, and that it's very possible that other planets or even moons could have these sample simple life forms if the environmental conditions make that possible. NASA is currently searching for past signs of microbial life on Mars with the Perseverance rover.


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