For The Second Time Something Unknown Exploded On The Far Side Of The Sun

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory was on fire back on March 20th, 2020 as it reported having caught a glimpse of a massive explosion in the distance, near the sun, as according to it, it actually sent off debris all over the universe and even on the sun itself. On April 12th however another explosion was reported, this time even stronger than before as the coronal mass ejection (CME) that was hurled into the space left off trails that essentially caused all of the telescopes on Earth to go wild.

The blast site was also captured by NASA’s STEREO A on April 14th as the explosion finally made its way to us. These two explosions happened less than a month away from one another, and to this day nobody can actually tell what caused them and more specifically what exploded in the first place.

Although many were quick to dismiss this as just another strange phenomenon that occurs in space that we have yet to encounter before, for the most part, experts are trying their best to find the most proper answer behind it so as to make sure that whatever caused the explosion there doesn’t happen here too. There is always the fear that something like that could happen, but if it does then we can say goodbye to our planet as this explosion alone was able to leave a mark on the Sun, so you can only imagine the massive chunk of Earth it would take.

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