Physicists invented ice that never melts

The alternative ice cube, which consists of 90% water and 10% hydrogel, can reduce the amount of water wasted during fish processing and transportation, but can also be useful at home as it can be re-frozen dozens of times without the appearance of pathogens.

Gang Sun, a professor at the University of California, Davis, has begun experimenting with the development of an ice cube substitute to replace the large amount of ice used in the processing of fish and other marine life. it also distributes pathogens at processing plants or in markets. The magazine Eurofish description by appropriate and rapid cooling of the fish is extremely important to the damage caused by rapidly proliferating during the decomposition of bacteria reduction, every hour spent without some cooling shortens the shelf life of one day for freshly caught fish.

However, it does not matter what type and size of ice is used for cooling,

whereas care must also be taken to ensure that ice does not damage the skin of the fish in contact with it. Reusable ice cubes can be easily cut to size and retain their cooling capacity for much longer, making them suitable for offering a new solution to replace ice.

To protect the environment, reusable ice cubes are made of a material that can even be thrown in the trash or mixed into compost at the end of its life, as it does not contain contaminants. The gel-like ice cubes consist largely of water, to which the researchers mixed various stability-enhancing additives and then experimented with various freezing methods to test the stability of the structure.

According to the tests, the material has not completely lost its cooling capacity during ten warming and re-freezing cycles, ie it can be used many times without having to fear the growth of pathogens during application. Ice cubes keep their temperature low for about 13 hours, after which they only need to be rinsed quickly before re-freezing to prevent bacteria from getting on their surface. Solid than ice or gel jégkockának Researchers called otherwise based touch, warm-up state soft material that changes color upon temperature changes and evaluated as ten pound loads, without changing the form.

After patenting, the researchers intended the melt-free ice not only for use in the fish processing industry, but also for any other application where cooling is traditionally solved with ice cubes.


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