Elon Musk says We will be on Mars in this decade

SpaceX President predicts to reach humans on Mars by this decade, which means before 2030, we will have our steps on the red planet. Crazy!

To know more about their plans and the journey toward Mars, keep reading the article given below.

Home on Mars

Astronauts are likely to make the dead red planet live by sending the humans to make our community, they are planning to make the red planet surface in the upcoming years, and this mission will be completed by 2030. This is confirmed and said by the SpaceX president and Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Shot well.

She said that the mission on mars would be completed by 2030, and they will see people on Moon sooner before Mars Mission. She said the crew mission can be sooner than you think. This clearly shows that they have a full plan about the mission, but they have not opened anything about it.

She further added that they are in need to get a large delivery to the surface of Mars, and then people will start thinking more hard about it. She added that they have planned this mission within the next five or six years, people now have to be mentally ready for understanding that our homes are going to build soon in the Red Planet.

Vision into Reality

SpaceX aims to be the first company to make the visions reality. The company is in full swing of developing a huge, reusable rocket and combo of the spacecraft called Starship to carry people and the payloads to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

The name Starship is inspired by the Star war series ships where they use to do the same things of carrying humans to different planets.

Starship has already started some moon missions in its docket. In 2018, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa booked the vehicle for a round of a moon trip that was target to get launched in 2023.

NASA has picked Starship to be the first crew lander for the upcoming mission called Artemis program, which planned to send the astronauts down near the Moon south pole in 2025.

NASA has viewed Artemis as a moon to the mars plan and have showed interest to launch a crewed Red Planet mission that will be launching in the year 2040. So this means that NASA will be building its camp on mars after a decade of SpaceX.

The Preparation 

SpaceX is working towards a big milestone in the Star Ship development that would be the vehicle’s first orbital test flight, which the company has planned to launch this rocket from the South Texas faculty, and this mission will be called Starbase in the near time.

This Launch cannot happen until the US Federal Aviation Administration because this mission will be hurting our environment and the activities of the Starbase might disturb the environment’s surface.

The review of the FAA should have been released by 2021, but they have denied their request many times. There last rejection was done on 31st May, 2022. 


To end the article, I hope you got all the answers that are related to SpaceX and their plan for Mars Mission.

We are quite excited for their mission to Mars that will happen by the end of this decade.

I hope this mission happens soon and we be ready to keep our legs on mars.

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