13-year-old boy bags Bachelor’s Degree from US University, set to earn PhD in Physics at 18 years old

Elliot, a talented young man, was homeschooled by his parents. His mother stated that he acquired and consumed information faster than they could keep up with.

They were unable to keep up with his progress by the age of nine.

As a result, they enrolled him in his local community college.

“As parents, we were terrified. But he excelled, and the school administration and other states.

His interest in physics was sparked at community college.

Elliot stated that he had always wanted to be a mathematician, but when he was introduced to physics, he got fascinated and encouraged to discover more about the world's secrets.

Elliott enrolled at the University of Minnesota when he was 11 years old to study physics and math.

Despite the fact that Elliott is much younger than many of his classmates and so has a different college experience, he still hangs out with his peers in the student lounge, talking schoolwork, arguing scientific problems, or watching movies.

Elliot earned a Bachelor's degree in Physics and Mathematics after two years of university study.

He was then admitted into the University of Minnesota's physics doctoral programme, where he will begin his studies the following academic year.

The young savant says he wants to teach high-energy theoretical physics at the University of Minnesota in the United States.

“I can’t wait to get started,” he said.

Elliot was granted a congressional record for his extraordinary performance by Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar.

Elliot expressed his gratitude for the honour by posting photos of it on Instagram.

“While our family celebrates this honor, our hearts go out to the families and community at Robb Elementary in Texas. Our hearts are broken,” he said.


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