We have found Higgs Boson, so what next now? The large Hadron Collider is about 27 miles in a circle and cost about ten billion dollars and is big enough to create the next generation of particles. In some sense Higgs Boson is the last mystery for the old physics known as the standard model, which gives us quarks, leptons and electrons. The new theory is now going to take us into Dark Matter and Dark Energy. We know that Dark Matter exists, Dark Matter is invisible, and in fact Dark Matter is around us, always.

Dark Matter has a gravitational attraction, but it is invisible and scientists are clueless as to what Dark Matter really is. The chief applicant for Dark Matter today is called the Sparticles. Look around you, everything is nothing but just lower vibrations of a vibrating string. But there are also higher nodes. Scientist think that Dark Matter could in fact be nothing but a higher vibration of the string. That means 23% of the universe is coming from the higher vibrations of strings that is Dark Matter. Now the standard model, only represents four percent of the universe. Universe of atoms, protons, neutrons, that universe represent only four percent of what there is. 23% is Dark Matter which scientists think is the next and highest vibration of the string and then 73% of the universe is the Dark Energy. Dark Energy is energy from nothing. Dark Energy is the Energy of vacuum.

Between two objects in outer space there is nothing, nothing except Dark Energy, which is pushing the Galaxies apart. People say if the universe is expanding so what is causing this expansion? What will it expand into? What’s pushing the galaxies apart is Dark Energy, the energy of nothing and the universe is some sort of sphere and we live on the skin of the sphere, so if it is expanding then just like a bubble or balloon which expands into third dimension even though the people living on the balloon are two dimensional.  When our universe expands, so it will expand into hyperspace, a dimension beyond what you can see or touch. String theory predicts there are eleven dimensions of hyperspace. So we are on soap bubble in soapy bath. In the sense multiverse can exist in this soap bath.

Our universe is nothing but one bubble and there are other bubbles and when the two bubbles collide, that could merge into bigger bubbles which could be the Big Bang. Or Big Bang could be splitting of a Bubble into two. Or maybe the universe is just popping out of nothing and that is also a possibility. That's a bit strange because how can be something is possible out of nothing? If you calculate the total matter of the universe, it is positive and if you calculate the total energy of the universe then it’s negative because of gravity. If you add these two together then you will get nothing. So in a sense it takes no energy to create a Universe. If you calculate the total amount of positive charge in the universe and calculate total amount of negative charge and when you add it up, you will get Zero. The universe has a zero charge. What about spin, every particle even galaxies have spin and if you add all the spin of galaxies then you will again get zero. So in other words, the universe has nothing, zero spin, Zero charge and Zero matter-energy content. So the Universe is for free.
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