As in the previous article I have mentioned three levels of civilization(Read the article here), one that controls the weather and all the sources of its own home planet, second uses its home star and gather energy from the star directly to power their machines and the third one controls all the sources of energy in the whole galaxy. So is that it? Home Planet, then home star and in the last Whole Galaxy? Are these the only energy sources in our Universe? Of Course not.

Beyond Energy of a Galaxy, there are quasars, the quasars are nearly 100 times brighter than our own Milky Way Galaxy. The quasar is a place where cosmic power production enters a totally new process, quasars stumble physics of extreme gravity. Isaac Newton defined the Gravity as a force of attraction between two objects, but it raised a conflict(Read the detail of this conflict here) and Einstein in order to solve that conflict redefined the gravity as a distortion of space-time fabric. Heavy objects like stars creates warp in space-time fabric and planets get trapped in that warp space. Scientists begin to wonder, could there be an object massive enough to warp space to such an extreme, so that nothing could escape from its gravity not even light. So much power being emitted from a small area, scientist believe that quasars are being powered by black holes.

If a black hole spins then it can easily turn into a violent cosmic tornado. Stars and Gas start to flow in, along a rapidly rotating disk. This spinning motion generates magnetic fields that twist up and around, these fields can channel some of the inflowing matter out into a pair of high energy beams or jets. A nearby gas and dust catch the impact of this energy, growing hot and bright and can be seen from billions of light years away. The power of a black hole can rise even greater extremes at the moment of its birth. The core of a massive star collapse in due to massive gravity and causes the star to explode in a supernova. This death is actually the true fury of gravity. In the violence of the death of a star, gravity can cause its core to collapse at a point forming a black hole. In some cases, these newborn monsters, powers the jet that accelerates at high speed, close to the speed of light. For some time during this process, these newborn objects are the brightest objects in the known universe. Three orders of the magnitude above the quasar and at a billion, billion yottawatts (10 with 42 zeros).

Artist's illustration of a Quasar, Credits:ESO/M. Kornmesser 

          First, I described quasars, then black holes and after that newly born black holes, but they are still not the most powerful objects in the universe. When massive bodies spin around each other or collide, they produce a series of waves that move outwards. Scientists are hoping to detect these waves and verify the Einstein’s prediction using precision lasers and some of the most perfect large scale vacuum ever created. According to computer simulations, as two black hole spirals into a faithful embrace, the energy carried by a emitted wave rises five orders of magnitude above a gamma ray burst, to the hundred billion trillion times the power of our sun. Does this collision define the known power of our universe? Perhaps not. True power of black hole lies in its deep core and nobody knows what’s in the core of a black hole.  
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