Flat-Earth Theorist Confronts NASA Scientist At Starbucks, You’ll Love The Scientist’s Response

A new viral video has emerged of a flat-earth theorist confronting a NASA scientist at a Starbucks. Nathan Thompson, the founder of the Official Flat Earth and Globe Discussion page a Facebook community of over 30,000 people, confronted the scientist on the grounds of ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano’s ‘water’ incident.

On a routine spacewalk Luca Parmitano’s helmet filled with water due to a clogged water filter, causing him to have difficulty breathing. Thompson seems to believe this is indication of some nefarious plot, so he prompted a line of questioning. “I’m here with a real NASA employee. A legit NASA employee.” he speaks to the video.

“And I asked him. I said, uh, astronauts have almost died in space. Uh, they get water in their suit and they almost drowned and he said it was because of saliva. This guy right here, hang on, I’m gonna wait for him to get to the front of the line, and then I’m gonna ask him some more questions.” Initially the NASA employee didn’t respond, trying to get on with his day, according to Thompson.

Because the line of questioning was making him uncomfortable. Even after a pleasant exchange in which the scientist gave Thompson a handful of NASA stickers.

“Look, he was all nice. He was all nice. He gave me NASA cartoon frigging emblems,”

As Nathan progressed, he became a bit more agitated: “Come on, you won’t chat with me? You hate Americans? Is that it?”.
Nathan and the NASA employee.

And this finally got the attention of the NASA employee: “Excuse me? How the hell did you get that? Don’t ever accuse me of that again. I don’t have to chat with you. Step over there, ok? I’m done talking to you.”

Shortly after (while Nathan continued to pester the NASA fellow) he was asked to leave by a Starbucks employee. “You’re not the boss of me, bro. Ok, I’ll leave because you asked me to, that’s fine, but NASA’s a fraud, bro. They lie about everything.”

As Nathan left he drops more knowledge on all of us “lying folk”: “Well I just got kicked out of Starbucks for asking a NASA employee questions, cuz he’s LYING. He’s a blatant LIAR. What a JOKE that was! Now we’re outside. Beautiful America. Man that was ridiculous. I GOT NASA FRIGGING STICKERS FROM THE NASA EMPLOYEE, GUYS! And then I start asking him questions and he told me to go outside of Starbucks; I’m frigging shaking. Oh. My. Lord.”

Nathan’s video has over 477,000 views at the time of writing this article. The flat-earth debate is becoming a serious chorus across the internet.


  1. Flat, like his brain waves.

  2. The world needs ditch diggers

  3. Some of those NASA space walk videos are fake, however the world is not flat.

    1. No, the space walk videos are not fake. Wow, you conspiracy nuts will fall for anything won't you? Want to buy a bridge?

  4. Its amazing we are so different. Sometimes very demanding people makes u remember to take good care of yourself and just being logic in level of matter as much as possible. Meaby the earth is flat in another dimension, But i don\t think it would improve hes position in this one. Ore meaby it does, cause he does though gets a lot of intention to improve hes narrative of just living. Its a mind thing. How cant u just not love this.

  5. By the way, Where can i get this t shirt.


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