Lake Michigan Has Frozen Over As Temperatures Reach -40C In America

Lake Michigan has frozen over after temperatures in the USA have plummeted down to as low as -40C, which is lower than the temperature in Antarctica.

This 'deadly polar vortex', as it has been called by some forecasters, has brought temperatures down to -17C in Chicago, where the coldest day in 150 years was recorded. Locals have even been told not to breathe deeply or talk outside because of the cold.

The National Weather Service said that people should try to keep their mouths covered as much as possible, and advised: "To protect your lungs from severely cold air, avoid taking deep breaths; minimise talking."

Bloody hell, that's some serious cold.

Lake Michigan is the world's fifth largest lake by area, and the largest lake that is contained within a single country.

The area, alongside much of the Midwest of America, is currently in the grips of a 'polar vortex' that has descended from the North to sit over the USA.

This means that people are in real danger. The other day, weather service meteorologist Brian Hurley told the MailOnline: "If you live up in the Arctic Circle, you'd say this is pretty normal. When it's actually brought down to this level, that's when you know it's something serious."

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