One Million Species Of Plants And Animals Are Now Threatened With Extinction Due To The impact of Humans On Nature

Experts gathered in Paris yesterday to release the UN's first report on biodiversity. It warns plant and animal species are being lost 10-100 times faster than before.

More than half a million species on land lack sufficient habitat for their survival. The oceans are not any better off and species may go extinct within decades.

Nature is in more trouble now than at any time in human history with extinction looming over one million species of plants and animals, experts say. That's the key finding of the United Nations' (UN) first comprehensive report on biodiversity - the variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat.

Conservation scientists from around the world convened in Paris to issue the report, which exceeded 1,000 pages.

Researchers caution that the problem starts with people but that it's not too late to fix it. You can read the IPBES report here.


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