Heartbreaking Video Shows Caged Tiger Walking in Endless Tiny Circles

Some zoos go to great extents to recreate enclosures to make it look like the natural habitat as much as possible for each species; many others don’t take the animal’s natural needs into account at all.

A recently released video from Beijing Zoo in China of a skinny tiger in a cramped enclosure walking endlessly in a circle has raised questions over the cat’s health. The deep track engraved into the ground by its endless walking appears to indicate this behavior has been going on for a while and is likely a psychological response to its living conditions, very different from habitat it should be wandering in.

As soon as the video went viral, concerned social media users in China responded in shock with remarks such as “There is not enough room for the tiger,’’ “It’s ill, mentally ill,” and “The tiger looks depressed.”

In its response to the video going viral, the Beijing Zoo said that the video wasn’t filmed recently. The tiger was actually removed from the enclosure at the end of March after zookeepers observed its strange behavior.

One of the zookeeper told the press: ‘’this kind of behavior is expected after animals have remained in a zoo for a long time.’’
According to the Beijing Zoo, the tiger had been given “psychological counseling” to help the animal regain its health.
‘’We have taken the animal to obtain behavior training. We also brought more food and toys for the tiger,’’ they claimed.

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