17-Year-Old Turned Down $8 Million to Keep His Viral Coronavirus Tracker Ad-Free

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Avi Schiffmann has been postponing on his school work, but he has a decent excuse. The 17-year-old is the inventor of one of the most visited coronavirus trackers  in the world, which he says now, takes up "100%" of his free time.

The coronavirus pandemic doesn't look like it is ending any time soon, and Schiffmann plans to continue keenly tracking it until the very end. As long as the site is up, he says he will keep on working and adding new features to it. As soon as the pandemic is safely over, he'll take the servers down, and possibly make a page or a site that compares COVID-19 to SARS or the Spanish flu. He believes it might be a historical piece on the Covid-19 people can look back on.


Avi Schiffmann's Covid-19 tracker is a one-stop shop for all the info about coronavirus the average person might need to know. It regularly updates with statistics for countries around the globe on infections, deaths, recovered, and rates of change by using data scraped from the WHO, CDC, and other related government websites.


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