Little Injured Bird Receives Tiny ‘Snowshoes’ And Gets Back On Her Feet


What do you do when you find a little Northern Mockingbird with damaged feet? You take some cardboard and tape, add a bit of creativeness and come up with an amazing solution to fix it!

Some good-hearted coworkers at the California Wildlife Center (CWC) came to the rescue of a little mockingbird with an impaired foot that made it difficult for the poor little thing to walk around, perch or grip objects. The birdie had an unidentified injury that caused her feet to knuckle, a common condition in young birds.

The rescuers created something that looks like tiny snowshoes. The design made sure the feet were back to the right position and feet could heal. Before that the bird had to stand on the tops of her toes, which was only causing extra injury. ‘It generally takes a couple of weeks of wearing the snowshoes before their feet are back to normal again.” – Duane Tom from CWC told The Dodo.


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