These Adorable Rats Create Miniature Paintings And Their Work Is Sold Out

It’s no routine news that some animals can be artists and particularly critters as intelligent and compassionate as rats. Toogood’s Tiny Paws shows just how talented such pets can be when provided some paint and canvas!

Toogood didn’t dream about owning a rat art business. Actually, the origins of this project have quite intense tones. “The idea of painting on canvases occured to me after I lost one of my boys, Captain Jack Sparrow (Gibbs’ brother) last year (2018),” the owner of the rats explained on their social media account. Poor Jack had undergone surgery but didn’t survive the anesthetic. As Toogood works at the vets, she was with the pet the whole time and was able to take some paw prints after Jack had passed away.

“I believed it would be lovely for my boys to do something similar when they were with me to keep as a memory when they’re gone, so I got some mini canvases and paint, and they’ve created memorial pieces for me to keep and enjoy,” Toogood explained on how it all started. Steph also loves to take pictures as a hobby, so she took pictures of her pets next to their little art pieces. After posting them on social media she attracted people’s attention and many wanted to own some of the ratties’ art.

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