Hungry Polar Bears Chew On Plastic Bag In Heartbreaking Photos

Heartbreaking images show the instant two baby polar bears play tug-of-war with a plastic bag they found in the snow, before eating ‘a good lump of’ it.

The disturbing images, which were taken by Arctic expedition leader Jens Wikström, from Gothenberg, Sweden, assist to point out the growing brutality of plastic pollution and the consequences for animals in the wild.

The polar bears played with the plastic bag for about 15 minutes as Wikström watched on in shock, unable to do anything to stop the dangerous plastic from ending up in the animals’ tummies.

The 30-year-old Arctic expedition leader snapped the mammals at Lifdefjorden in Svalbard, Norway, from a safe distance of around 98 feet. Relating the sight as ‘devastating’, Wikström said he was ‘processing in real time what happens to our environment when we don’t take care of our junk.

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