Cat Guides Lost Hiker Down A Mountain In Switzerland


Can you imagine living in Switzerland 's mountains and getting lost? You could use GPS, of course, but sometimes they are tricky and a furry friend who guides you could be the perfect response. This is exactly what happened to user sc4s2cg of Reddit, a guy who got lost while hiking in the Swiss mountains before the kitten came to the rescue!


"I searched my map to see how I could get back to the hostel, and the only official way down was through a closed trail," he said.


That's when the cat turned up and led him down the mountain, every now and then even checking back to make sure the hiker was right behind him.

It also looks like the Swiss feline is a bit skilled in guiding tourists down that very mountain because other users reported that they also met the cat because sc4s2cg posted his storey!

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