Engineer Captures Incredible Footage Of Southern Lights From Antarctica


An Australian engineer filmed the southern lights while on a trip to Antarctica before the coronavirus pandemic.


The world in which we live is a splendid place, full of wonders, waiting for us to discover them. Unfortunately, owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the travel restrictions have seriously impacted tourism and have stopped many adventures from occurring.


Before the lockout, an Australian engineer travelled to Antarctica, and his stunning images of the Southern Lights lighting the night sky fascinated people!


The effect is a product of solar wind disturbances in the magnetosphere. It all starts with intense bursts of yellow and green in the clip, and as the sky begins to lighten up, they slowly vanish over Davis Station.


From Tasmania, Point Lonsdale, in Victoria, and Queenstown, in New Zealand, one can also see Aurora Australis, or the Southern Lights.


Finding a viewing spot for seeing the Southern Lights is even more difficult than it is for the Northern Lights.

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