Rare Cat Is Born With 4 Ears – Yoda They Named Him


Yoda is a cat born with an unusual birth defect, two additional ears, and he's incredibly charming!


Cats are loved by people, and I don't think I should mention any of the hundreds of reasons why they do that. These amazingly sweet, beautiful, weird, and irresistible animals will make everybody's day brighter!


Felines are really cool pets, and they love to share lots of pictures and videos with their owners and show the rest of the globe how much they love them.

I bet you have seen so many cats in your life, but the one we introduce to you today is something really special! Meet Yoda, the feline that looks and acts like no other cat you’ve seen so far!


Yoda has been born with a rare birth defect, four ears. Yet, this does not seem to affect him in any way, apart from making him an Internet celebrity!

Valerie and Ted Rock adopted the rare cat with two extra ears back in 2006, and as they are undoubtedly Star Wars fans, they called him Yoda.


Well, he looks like a character in literature, doesn't he?


Some people argue that George Lucas had a cat called Yoda, and this is where the name of the famous movie character was inspired.

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