Incredible photos show full moon looking like giant EYE as it passes rock arch in Utah

A talented photographer has captured a stunning image of a full moon passing through a rock arch, making the final picture look like a giant eye.


Zach Cooley captured the amazing shots at Arches National Park, Utah, on October 28.


In Zach's photos, a full moon is seen passing across the arch, and hovering in the middle of it so that the image looks like a huge and mysterious eye, angrily staring at the viewer.


(Image credits)Zach Cooley captured this amazing shot of the moon through a rock archway at the perfect moment - making it look like a huge mysterious eye. He took the photograph at Arches National Mark in Utah at the end of October after months of planning


Zach said: 'Planning for this shot was difficult and it began several months in advance.

'Despite cross-referencing the moon position in multiple applications, there's nothing close to a guarantee you'll be in the right place, just a few steps in any direction and you won't get the shot.


'I had never been so nervous for a photo as the moment approached, and never happier with the result of planning as the moon appeared where I was hoping and passed perfectly through the arch.' 


Zach said he had been planning the shot several months in advance. He planned by cross-referencing the moon's position in multiple applications, but said despite the preparation there was still no guarantee he'd be in the right place at the right time

Arches National Park is in eastern Utah, and adjacent to the Colorado river. As the name suggests, the park is famous for its natural sandstone arches, of which more than 2,000 can be found in its 76,000 acres.


Its most famous arch - the Delicate Arch - is a freestanding arch that is 52 feet (16 meters) tall, and is one of the most widely recognised landmarks in the state, found on Utah license plates and a commemorative stamp.


It also features Balanced Rock - a rock the size of three school buses - that can be seen next to the park's main road balancing freely at about 55 feet off the ground, and weights the same as an ice-breaker ship.


Since a climber famously scaled Delicate Arch in 2006, the National Park Service has banned all climbing on any of the named arches within the park all year-round, along with placing anchors for slacklining. 

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