Huge Mother Wolf Spider Carries Its Babies On Back In Horrifying Photo


Spiders are utterly frightening at the best of times for a lot of people, but this 'hideously fascinating' wolf spider may just have taken it a step too far.


A very frankly frightening picture has emerged of a wolf spider carrying a huge cluster of baby spiders like a shell on his back, and I bet I'm not the only one tonight who's going to have nightmares about it.


The photo was taken by Marlin Turquoise, a bushwalker who made a grim discovery in Victoria, Australia.



'I came across this spider in the bush yesterday, the size of a 50 cent piece, carrying all its babies on its back,' he wrote in the Facebook community of Australian Native Animals.


Unsurprisingly, to say the least, reactions to the arachnid were mixed, with some Facebook users shocked to their hearts, and others intrigued by the discovery entirely and absolutely.


'You have to admire them as scary as they are, because it is the ultimate act of giving your life to your children as a mother,' one person added.

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